travellergram reviews (2023):is it legit or scam?

We’ll examine Travellergram in more detail in this article so that you can decide whether it’s worthwhile for you to invest your time and money in it.

Recently, Travellergram has become popular. It makes sense that someone would be suspicious of a new business emerging given the numerous scams that are connected to making online reservations for a variety of travel plans.

We’ll go over the travellergram reviews, user experience, and reputation so you can decide whether to use Travellergram for your upcoming getaway with confidence. Learn more by reading on!

travellergram reviews

what is travellergram

A website called Travellergram aims to make it easier for people to plan and book their vacations by finding them the best deals and removing a lot of the hassle.

In a short period of time, Travellergram has grown to be a well-liked option for tourists seeking the best offers and reductions on their upcoming excursions. Travellergram promises to fulfil all of your travel fantasies at prices that cannot be beat, offering hundreds of airlines, hotels, and resorts, as well as more than 20 million vacation packages.

How does the Travellergram works?

To use Travellergram to book a hotel room, all you have to do is go to their website. You can then enter your travel details to find a list of hotels that are open. Once you press the search button, Travellergram’s clever search engine will search the web for the best offers on hotels in the location you specify.

Simply enter your contact information if you find a hotel you like, and you’ll be taken to a payment page. You’ll get a confirmation email from Travellergram with all the details of your reservation once your payment has been processed. It’s that easy!

Who is the owner of Travellergram?

A travel platform online is called Travellergram. A dedicated group of creative professionals owns and runs it. Since its founding in 2017, it has risen to the top of social media for travel-related posts and images. It is highly regarded and frequently discussed among travellers from all over the world.

The founders have extensive backgrounds in marketing, customer service, creative direction, and travel. They put a lot of effort into providing users with a unique connected experience so that they can share their experiences, photos, and stories with others. Answers to all customer service inquiries are provided in 24 hours or less. Its headquarters are in Los Angeles.

What features does Travellergram provide?

The go-to website for travel planning is Travellergram. It facilitates quick and simple trip planning for travellers. Trip planner, flight finder, and accommodation finder are some of its features.

  • Users of Trip Planner can book accommodations, transportation, activities, and tourist attractions.
  • Flight Finder makes it simple to compare prices on flights from a huge number of airlines.
  • Finding affordable hotels is made easier by Accommodation Finder.
  • Additionally, users can receive tailored advice from nearby professionals.

City guides on Travellergram include suggestions for dining establishments, shopping areas, and cultural attractions. Detailed maps are also available to aid in navigating a new location.

What costs are there when using Travellergram?

A well-known app and website called Travellergram allows users to share their travel experiences through photos and stories. Before registering, it’s critical to be aware of the costs.

On Travellergram, registration is cost-free. However, there are three membership levels if you want to connect with others: Basic ($6/mo), Plus ($24/mo), and Premium ($48/mo). The difference between them is the quantity of features offered. For instance, producing prints with higher resolution, offering photography products, publishing your work in editorials, and more.

Also, Travellergram charges commission fees for purchases made from other users’ stores. merchandisers pay 20%, while photographers pay 15%. Downloads are free, but the buyer is responsible for any printing fees. Shipping costs apply when purchasing ready-to-hang artwork or products from a store.

travellergram reviews | travellergram review

It is possible to book travel on Travellergram. The business provides a practical method for organising trips and for affordably booking accommodations and flights. Their website claims that they work to provide customers with the best value for their money and offer round-the-clock customer service.

Travellergram received an overall rating of 8.3/10 on TrustPilot, a consumer review website, with reviews praising the website’s user-friendly layout and superior customer service. The majority of customers praised the customer service team’s quick responses and said they felt well-cared for throughout the booking process. Other favourable reviews praised the website’s low prices and wide range of travel choices.

Although most customers gave Travellergram positive reviews, there were also some unfavourable comments. A few customers complained that their online payments were rejected or that the changes they requested took too long to be implemented. Unexpected fees or charges and trouble navigating the website were two other issues.

A trustworthy online travel agency, Travellergram offers reasonable rates and helpful customer support. Of course, there is a chance that problems will arise when handling payments or changing a booking, just like with any online platform. As always, before making any purchase, do your homework and read reviews.

is travellergram legit | travellergram legit

The website appears to have been scraped from a page from the early 2000s. It feels extremely one-dimensional. The site’s lack of professionalism in terms of grammar and spelling is even more troubling, especially if you’re trying to market to Americans.

When looking for hotels on their home page, you might encounter some of the following misspellings:

  • Find the hotels and the location first, please.
  • When entering the number of guests, use “Guest’s”
  • Please be patient.

As far as one can tell, Travellergram doesn’t have much of an online presence aside from a single press release that was released in 2020, which was regrettably the year that things started to go south for the travel industry as a whole. Making a name for themselves among the numerous, established travel booking options that are already available couldn’t have been simple for Travellergram.

It has a really mixed reputation, according to BBB. Some people think it’s wonderful, while others think they’ve been duped.

What is the cancellation and refund policy for Travellergram?

In essence, they note that their refund policy is identical to whatever the hotel’s refund policy is in their cancellation policy. Travellergram will only permit full, partial, or no refunds if the hotel permits those options. They also mention that it might take up to 14 days to receive a refund. Additionally, they have the option to add extra charges and penalties. Nowhere on the website is a predetermined sum mentioned.

However, they do state explicitly that Travellergram has the right to charge you an additional $50 for their troubles if you file a complaint with your bank and the dispute is settled in Travellergram’s favour.

For cancellations resulting from unavoidable events like flight cancellations, earthquakes, or floods, Travellergram has a specific cancellation clause. I can’t for the life of me understand it, though. “For non-refundable bookings or bookings already in the penalty window only with the hotel written approval to waive charges,” it says in the first clause.

This doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in what will transpire if my reservation is cancelled due to an emergency cancellation. The best I can tell you is that if the hotel allows it, you might be able to get a refund, but even then Travellergram has the right to keep 3.9% of it and will return the remaining amount to you after.

Pros and Cons of travellergram


  • This site appears to provide travel-related services.
  • This website provides payment options that are “get your money back” friendly.
  • The majority of reviews for this website are positive.
  • Validity of the SSL certificate
  • For more than a year, the domain name has been reserved.
  • This website is incredibly (old).
  • DNSFilter says this website is safe.
  • According to Flashstart, this website does not contain malware or phishing.


  • This website is ranked poorly by Tranco.
  • A high-risk nation is where this website is located.
  • There are many spammers and fraudulent websites at the registrar.
  • Links on this website have been shortened

Is a scam website?

A website for a travel agency might be Travellergram. We frequently discover some issues when reviewing the entire website. The building’s layout doesn’t seem to be accurate. Even the information and details about the location don’t seem to be all that amazing. Despite the domain’s extreme age, it is not currently functioning properly.

Despite the fact that was probably launched in 2006, no information regarding the owner is available online. Therefore, we may ask that you simply stay away from this website. If you’re still not sure, you should read the article very carefully.

How to be secure when making travel reservations online

Even when making reservations for travel on trustworthy websites like Trivago and Expedia, you must be watchful of any links you click into to make the actual purchase. You might be misled into believing that you’re making a purchase directly from a hotel website when, in reality, you might just be sending money to a totally unrelated third party because many sites list themselves on reputable websites and resemble actual hotel websites all over the world.

Imposter sites are the ones that run these scams. These websites only want to take your money and run; they aren’t even there to act as a middleman and take a cut of the sale.

Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common occurrence, and despite legitimate websites’ best efforts to block scam websites, new scams continue to emerge daily and go unnoticed. Always enter the direct URL of the hotel website into your browser to avoid falling victim to these kinds of scams. Links can be misleading and are much more difficult to spot as malicious.

Additionally, always use a credit card to make online purchases to keep yourself safe. In this way, if you discover after the fact that you were duped, you still stand a good chance of recovering your money due to fraud. Paying with a debit card does not provide the same level of security as using a credit card.

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Is Travellergram a secure website?

Travellergram is a secure website, yes. To guarantee the security of its users, the platform has a sophisticated security system in place.

alternatives for Travellergram

There are currently a lot of rivals and alternatives to Travellergram. These consist of:

  • Trivago
  • TripAdvisor
  • Kayak
  • Expedia
  • Travelocity
  • Orbitz

Where can I use Travellergram?

Users from all over the world can access this website, which primarily serves the American market. Although the company has offices in Singapore and the UAE, it is registered to conduct business in the United States.


It is safe to say that Travellergram is a trustworthy travel website after reviewing it. The website has security measures to protect users’ personal information, positive customer reviews, and responsive customer service.

Travellergram is a great option if you’re looking for a fantastic deal on a vacation package or are simply browsing for a dream location.

With a variety of locations and deals, Travellergram can help you realise your travel aspirations. So start your global exploration with Travellergram right away without waiting!

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