Personal Loan Pro Reviews (2023) – Legit, Safe, Scam?

personal loan pro reviews | personal loan pro review | Personal Loan Pro BBB Review

On Trustpilot, Personal Loan Pro has received over 17,500 reviews with an overall rating of 4.0, the majority of which are favorable. This is a solid indication that Personal Loan Pro is a reliable business with excellent customer service.

In its stated privacy policy, Personal Loan Pro provides clear instructions about what it does with the information you provide and has relationships with reputable organizations. Customers have confidence in their interactions with this business because it has a strong reputation for being dependable and effective, making it a trusted brand in the lending sector.

However, the BBB reports that On the Barrelhead, a two-year-old accredited company with an A rating, is the owner of the website. There are currently only four complaints about advertising sales made by the lending company available on the bureau’s website. has an official page on Facebook, where it has 35 reviews and a rating of 1.8 out of 5.

The company itself does not determine any loan conditions because it is not a direct lender, despite the fact that people frequently complain about high fees, difficulties getting approved with bad credit, and other issues.

personal loan pro

You can find the best lender for your borrowing needs by using Personal Loan Pro, an online marketplace. You can compare lenders to use this free service’s simple and direct online application.

Money from personal loans can be used for a variety of things, such as paying off debt and covering medical costs. If you need money right away, it can be a good option because some lenders can deposit money into your account as soon as the following business day. Additionally, rates on average are frequently lower than those on some other types of debt, like credit cards.

Personal Loan Pro Reviews

what is personal loan pro?

A website called PersonalLoanPro provides financing options from many different lenders. The service is free and helps streamline the process of looking for personal loans; it only calls for one online application and won’t harm your credit score unless you choose to accept one of the loan matches. Loans of all kinds, including those for debt consolidation and event funding, are assisted by it.

Why Choose Personal Loan Pro?

Personal Loan Pro is a website that allows you to compare loans quickly if you’re looking for funding. The website is funded by lenders rather than borrowers, so you won’t be required to pay anything to use it.

The fact that Personal Loan Pro does not act as a lender or decide who qualifies for loans or what their interest rates will be is crucial for borrowers to understand. Thanks to Personal Loan Pro, you can compare quotes from various loan providers without worrying about your credit or dealing with a lot of difficulties.

By visiting the website, selecting the purpose of your loan, and responding to a few brief questions, you can match with loan providers who the website’s algorithm believes would be a good fit. Personal Loan Pro matches you with a number of lenders who you might be able to borrow money from once you enter your information. Instead of visiting each provider’s website separately to compare rates and terms, you can get quotes and terms from a variety of lenders in one place.

personal loan pro scam | Is Personal Loan Pro a Scam?

With respect to how it uses the information you provide, Personal Loan Pro has relationships with reputable organizations, a list of the lenders it has partnered with, and a privacy policy that is publicly available. This makes using the website risk-free.

it’s a good idea to read online reviews, check the lender’s website, and contact the lender directly to ask any questions you may have. However, it is important to be cautious when considering a personal loan, and to thoroughly research any lender before applying for a loan or providing personal information.

is personal loan pro legit | personal loan pro legit?

Yes, Personal Loan Pro is a loan matching business with a sizable lender network. Although it is a legitimate marketplace for private loans, loans are not given there directly. Make sure you comprehend the terms of any loans you take out; pay attention to things like interest rates, rate flexibility, prepayment fees, and other upfront costs and charges.

is personal loan pro bbb accredited | personal loan pro bbb

Both a BBB listing and a Trustpilot listing are absent for it. However, many of the businesses that Personal Loan Pro partners with have excellent customer ratings. These include, among others, Sofi, Prosper, and Lending Club.

This is a trustworthy lender, according to other websites that review financial products.

personal loan pro safe | Is Personal Loan Pro Real

“Yes, it is “Personal Loan Pro has connections with reputable businesses, a list of lenders it has partnered with, and a privacy policy that is publicly available that is very clear about what it does with the information you submit. This makes using the website safe. But keep in mind that you are not obtaining a loan from Personal Loan Pro. You are taking out a loan from a joint lender.

Make sure you comprehend all of the terms of any loan you apply for, including the interest rate, whether it is variable, upfront costs and fees, the existence of an origination fee, the existence of a prepayment penalty, and the length of the loan’s repayment period. Never put your trust in a lender who withholds this information.

How Much Is a Personal Loan Fee? | What Is Personal Loan Pro Price?

Lenders pay fees through Personal Loan Pro, not borrowers. It can only connect you with borrowers in its network because it doesn’t lend money directly, so there’s no guarantee you’ll be accepted, and rates change depending on the lender. With typical rates ranging from 3.49% to 35.99%, its loan offers range in size from $1,000 to $50,000. The loan’s repayment terms range from two months to fifteen years.

How does Personal Loan Pro work?

A website called Personal Loan Pro offers financing options from many different lenders. The service is free and streamlines the process of looking for personal loans; it only calls for one online application and won’t harm your credit score unless you choose to accept one of the loan matches. Loans of all kinds, including those for debt consolidation and event funding, are assisted by it.

What Personal Loan Pro Can Offer You?

People are able to obtain a variety of personal loans using this platform. They don’t provide other loans, like mortgages, business loans, commercial loans, and so on. The personal loan types that they accept on this platform are listed below:

  •      Consolidating debt
  •      Personal loan for healthcare
  •      Loan for Home Improvements
  •      Loan for Credit Card Consolidation
  •      Auto Purchase
  •      Purchase of a motorcycle
  •      Major purchase
  •      Launch a Business
  •      Establish a New Location
  •      Education
  •      Vacation credit
  •      Wedding costs

How Can You Qualify for a Personal Loan Pro? | requirements for a Personal Loan Pro

The majority of vendors look for applicants who satisfy the following requirements, whereas different lenders have different specifications. It must be over the age of 18. A US citizen or authorized permanent resident is required. You must have a stable income source and have been employed at your current position for at least 90 days. After taxes, it ought to generate at least $1,000 per month. The person should have a valid home phone, business phone, and email address.

How to apply for “Personal Loan Pro” Loan? | Personal Loan Pro Application

Visit Personal Loan Pro’s website to get started, then follow the instructions for applying for a personal loan there.

1. Completing the application

Fill out the application form and include all necessary information to open an account. Your contact details, yearly income, street address, email address, first and last name, birthdate, and Social Security number are all included.

2. Receive a Price

Following completion of this process, you will be given a rate quotation and details on any loans you might be qualified for. Despite not directly providing loans, Personal Loan Pro’s website allows you to start the loan application process with one of its networks of lenders.

3. Watch for confirmation

You will be informed whether you have a chance of being approved for a loan and what the interest rate will be as soon as your application is processed. The repayment options that are made available to you will depend on your expected credit score, income, the reason you are applying for the loan, and any other relevant financial factors.

4. Conduct a credit inquiry

You must finish the entire application process with the lender who made the loan offer if you decide that a partner’s loan offer meets your needs and interests. If you want to get a loan at this point, you will have to go through a thorough credit check.

5. Obtain a Loan

The rules, terms, and conditions of the lender you choose will determine the timeline for loan approval and financing. The majority of loans can be funded in a matter of days to weeks, though some lenders may require more time.

Personal Loan Pro Contact Number | Personal Loan Pro Phone Number

Only online and telephone customer service is offered by Personal Loan Pro. You have no options for in-person support, and there are no nearby branches to visit.

You can reach customer service at 888-607-7241 or 970-840-2166 by phone or text. Along with your first and last names, email address, and message, you can also fill out an online form. There is no information on the website about the phone support hours or the average wait time for a response.

Pros and Cons of Personal Loan Pro


  • Simple Comparison of Several Lenders
  • Access to Information About Its Network Is Simple
  • Your credit score won’t be impacted.
  • Normal low rates
  • straightforward use
  • Short funding periods
  • There is no need for collateral.
  • declining interest rates


  • No assurance of acceptance
  • Rates of interest may be higher than other options.
  • additional prerequisites
  • Penalties and fees may be very high.
  • No direct communication with lenders
  • lack of ability to obtain large loans.


Personal Loan Pro hurt my credit score?

Your credit score will not be harmed by using Personal Loan Pro. Your credit score is improved by using the website. It demonstrates offers from lenders ready to work with borrowers who have bad credit. If you decide to take out a loan, Personal Loan Pro can assist you in finding the terms and interest rates that are most affordable. Anyone looking for a personal loan can benefit from using Personal Loan Pro.

How much can I borrow with Personal Loan Pro?

depends on a number of variables. Your credit history, earnings, and employment background are a few of these.

Since Personal Loan Pro offers loans from $500 to $5,000, you should be able to find one that suits your needs. It offers flexible repayment terms so you can select a strategy that fits your financial situation.

credit score requirement for Personal Loan Pro?

With Personal Loan Pro, there is no required credit score, but your score affects your loan matches and the lenders’ credit requirements.

Personal Loan Pro offers loan for bad credit?

People with various credit scores have options through Personal Loan Pro, but each lender sets their own loan requirements. If you have a credit score that is below average, be prepared to pay a higher APR. The business provides debt consolidation loans, which over time can help improve your credit score.

is personal loan pro available in USA?

In the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, Personal Loan Pro is accessible.

How long does it take to approve loan for Personal Loan Pro?

After submitting your application, you’ll quickly learn whether you might be eligible for a loan and at what interest rate. Depending on your projected credit score, income, loan purpose, and other financial considerations, you may be given different repayment terms.

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