how to transfer money from direct express to cash app(2023)? simple & best method

Two of the most widely used money transfer services, Direct Express and Cash App, offer very different services to their users. I want to share my favourite strategies for making the most of each platform while spending the least amount of money as I use both. Here’s how to make it simple for yourself and How to Transfer Money from Direct Express to Cash App!

how to transfer money from direct express to cash app

How to Transfer Money from Direct Express to Cash App | how to send money from direct express to cash app

To transfer money from your Cash App account to your Direct Express bank account, follow these five steps. If you’re looking for a way to accomplish it in just a few simple steps, we have you covered because the procedure is fairly straightforward.

Step 1:Sign up for both of the apps

You’ll need both Direct Express and Cash App to send money. Sign up for each, and then use your information to confirm your accounts. Tap continue in the top right corner of either screen once you’ve created your account. The time has come for you to send and receive money. Make sure to add a debit card to your account if you don’t already have one before continuing.

Step 2:Link to your bank account.

To transfer money from your bank account, you must connect your cash app to a bank account. Enter your cash app account information, then click Cash Card in the top right corner of the screen. There are two choices after selecting Transfer at the top: Deposit, which deposits funds into your Cash App balance, and Transfer, which withdraws funds from your Cash App balance into a linked bank account. Choose Transfer. The amount you want to transfer (you can only transfer up to $1,000 per day) will then be presented to you. Once you have chosen how much you wish to send from your cash app balance, choose Link Account.

Step 3: Verify your identity.

To transfer your cash or money from Direct Express to the Cash App, you must first authenticate your identity. The steps you must take are as follows:

Click here, then proceed by clicking Verify Your Identity on the following page. When you finish

you ought to get an email with a link that will return you to Cash App. On that page, click Verify Account (you might need to log in again). At the bottom of your screen, click Submit after entering your phone number.

When we enter the code that Cash App texts us, everything works as it should. You’re confirmed! Go ahead and make the switch now.

Step 4: Transfer and Receive Funds (Cash Out)

To cash out, you must deposit funds into your bank account. Because it works exactly like sending or receiving money, this is simple. To do this:

  • Navigate to the area where it says Transfer by tapping the wallet icon.
  • Once there, select Bank Account after tapping Transfer Money in Person.
  • Enter the amount you wish to send (or withdraw). When you’re prepared to strike
  • The next option is to select a sum up to $9000 per day.

Your bank information will then need to be entered for verification. Hit the Submit button after entering all of that data. Depending on the type of account it is, it might take a few days for your money to appear in your bank account, but once it does, you’re good to go!

Step5: Send and get your payments (cash in).

You can send and receive payments using your cash app after linking your direct express card. Then select Pay Friends (the icon that resembles a person), after selecting Spend (the green rectangle with a dollar sign at the bottom of your screen). Your friend’s username or email address should be typed in, or you can choose them from your contact list, and then enter the amount you want to give them. If they don’t already have a cash app, they will be asked to download one. They will then be able to see your payment and accept it by tapping Accept in the notifications tab once they have done so.

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How to Use a Linked Bank Account to Send Money From Direct Express to Cash App?

It is always practical to understand how to transfer money to and from a bank account. Similar to this, cardholders must be interested in learning how to move money from an Express card to a bank account so that it can be shared with their Cash App later.

Fortunately, bank transfers are possible with the prepaid card.

You can send money to a personal bank account even though the process is different from standard transfers.

Call the customer service line at 1(888) 741-1115 to request a transfer.

As an alternative, you can send money using your online account with US-Direct Express.

How secure is a Direct Express Card?

You’ll want to know how secure your funds are if you’re using a Direct Express prepaid card to transfer money to Cash App or another account.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) provides insurance for Direct Express. You don’t need to be concerned about losing your cash.

How Do I Withdraw Money From A Direct Express Card?

Customers with Direct Express cards are able to make cash withdrawals from ATMs that accept Mastercard and receive cash back from participating retailers when making POS transactions.

Additionally, customers can visit banks and credit unions with the Mastercard logo to conduct transactions with the assistance of a teller.

Although processing times may vary, they can also transfer money directly to their American bank account.

What Are the Advantages of the Direct Express Debit Card?

You can manage your money better with the aid of Direct Express.

It always protects your financial assets: One of the biggest game-changers is the fact that your assets are FDIC-insured. If the business goes out of business or if the system has any flaws, you will be able to get your money back.

Your transactions are protected by a PIN: Every time you wanted to make an ATM withdrawal or a money transfer to another account, you would have to enter a PIN. This PIN is kept secret because it was created by the accountholder.

Super Convenient: The Direct Express card is usable anywhere that accepts Mastercard. Some retailers offer cash back to customers who use debit cards to make purchases.

There are always funds available A government organisation can send you money on your card with only the most basic information about your card. Within hours or even minutes, it will be prepared!


If you’ve been trying to figure out how to transfer money from Direct Express to a cash app, your search is over. We’ve covered five steps that will enable you and your loved ones to send money quickly and easily at any time of day.

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