can you return gift cards? Your Questions Answered with 5 Best Tips and Tricks

Gift cards are a well-liked gift because they are adaptable, practical, and “one-size-fits-all.” But occasionally they still don’t fit. Unused or unwanted gift cards feel like a frustrating financial waste, regardless of whether you purchased one accidentally or received one as a gift.

can you return gift cards? Do you have unwanted gift cards that you want to return in exchange for cash or something else? To learn some advice on how to return or exchange gift cards for cash, keep reading this article.

You can return your gift cards for money or another item by using the tips and tricks in this article. Continue reading!

can you return gift cards

Can You Return Gift Cards? 

Gift cards typically cannot be returned. All sales are regarded as final once they have been made.

Gift card return policies at merchants typically call for a receipt and limit refunds to the original payment method, which is typically the credit or debit card used to buy the gift card.

That is the underlying query, and the response is no. There are, however, workarounds that allow you to exchange the gift cards for cash.

How to Return Gift Cards and Receive a Refund (5 Best Tips and Tricks)

Gift cards cannot be returned, as we previously stated, but there are ways to get a refund that we will explain to you.

the tip one

Because policies vary from store to store and each retailer has a different set, you will need to get in touch with the company that issued the gift card.

It is common knowledge that gift cards cannot be returned; however, some merchants permit gift cards to be returned within a certain time period after they have been purchased or issued, provided you have the receipt and haven’t used them.

the tip two

Visit the shop where the gift card was purchased, make a purchase that will satisfy the gift card, and later return the item for a refund.

You can easily request cash in exchange for the gift card they might want to refund with.

the tip three

On the internet, there are exchange sites. Make sure it is a legitimate gift card exchange site by checking. These enable trading of cards.

Internet research will be required, but make sure to confirm the legitimacy and authenticity of the website, its procedure, and its setting.

the tip four

Giving you in-store credit is another option they have for letting you return gift cards. If the expiration date of your gift card is soon, this will work well.

the tip five

At a kiosk that functions as an automated teller machine, you can exchange your gift cards for cash.

Consequently, you can use it to convert your cards into cash.

When using the gift card exchange kiosk, you must enter the relevant information about your gift card, accept the offer that is made for your gift card if it is acceptable to you, print the voucher, and take it to a cashier to exchange it for cash.

How Can I Use My Unwanted Gift Card?

Regift the gift card: Giving the gift card to a deserving recipient is preferable to letting it expire and go to waste.

Donate the gift card—Donate the money from your unused gift card to a good cause! Although they charge a small fee for the service, intermediary organisations like Charity Choice can help you get the process started. Since both Goodwill and The Salvation Army accept gift card donations, you can also donate directly to them.

Exchange the gift card—On CardCash, the largest online marketplace for buying, selling, and exchanging gift cards, you can exchange a gift card that hasn’t been used for a new one.

United Airlines allows you to convert the value of your gift card into airline miles, so you can turn your points into miles. Keep in mind that using the MileagePlus Gift Card Exchange program is subject to a 7.5% federal excise tax.

Unfortunately, none of the options are perfect. You’re at a loss as to who to give the gift card to, and it can be time-consuming to donate, exchange, or turn it into airline miles. Due to inactive fees, unpaid taxes, and other unforeseen costs, you might even end up losing money.

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can you return gift cards to target?

But unfortunately, except where required by law, customers who want to return their Target gift cards cannot do so for a cash refund.

You must check to see if your gift card can be returned, and if it can, make sure it is in its original packaging and that you have the original sales receipt.

You can access Target’s online return centre there, and the website details every aspect of their return policy.

can you return gift cards to walmart?

Gift cards are not returnable, according to Walmart’s Terms and Conditions. All gift cards, including the following: are subject to the no return policy.

  • A plastic card
  • e-Gift Cards
  • Gift cards for a single store
  • a variety of store gift cards
  • Visa, Mastercard, and American Express prepaid gift cards

Try contacting the third-party retailer’s customer service directly if the gift card is for them if you need more details. It’s possible that the shop will accept unused or unwanted Walmart gift cards and will have a more lenient return policy.

Do Walmart Gift Cards Get Refunded?

Gift cards that are lost, stolen, or damaged cannot be replaced by Walmart. The user is solely responsible for any problems that might occur with the product or the connected account, per their standard licence agreement.

can you return gift cards to walmart with receipt

Yes, Walmart typically accepts gift card returns with a receipt. It’s a good idea to check Walmart’s return policy or get in touch with their customer service for more details as there might be some restrictions or limitations on returning gift cards. Furthermore, there might be various return policies or limitations in place if you acquired the gift card from a third-party seller or as a result of a promotion.

can you return gift cards to Costco

Although Costco has a very forgiving return policy, gift cards cannot be returned to the retailer. A Costco gift card that has already been purchased cannot be exchanged or refunded.

However, if you used a gift card to buy a product and you need to return it, Costco will reimburse you for the purchase price in the original form of payment, which might have been a gift card if that was the case. For any specific inquiries or worries about Costco’s return policy, it is always a good idea to contact customer service.

can you return gift cards with receipt

The retailer’s policy will determine whether or not you can return a gift card with a receipt. While some merchants do not permit gift card returns with a receipt, others do. Generally speaking, if a retailer accepts returns of gift cards, there may be limitations or requirements in place, such as a deadline or the requirement that the gift card has not been used.

To find out if gift card returns are permitted and what the specific requirements are for returning a gift card with a receipt, it’s always a good idea to check the retailer’s return policy or contact their customer service.

can you return gift cards for cash

A gift card cannot typically be returned for cash unless it is mandated by law. Different retailers have different return policies, and many of them don’t give cash back for gift cards. Instead, they might provide exchanges for different items or refunds in the form of store credit.


Target’s return policy prohibits the return or refund of gift cards unless mandated by law, so you are unable to return gift cards to them.

The owner of the gift card must present a receipt to prove their claim for a refund if it is permitted by US law. When you need to buy a gift for someone you don’t know well, this can be helpful. Simply decide how much you want to spend and add that amount to the gift card.

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