American Express personal loan:2023 Review

Why American Express personal loan?

For eligible cardholders who have received an offer and can repay the loan within 36 months, an American Express personal loan is a great choice. American Express is a great option because it not only has competitive APRs but also has high customer satisfaction.

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American Express personal loan Requirements | How to qualify for an American Express personal loan?

Only ongoing American Express cardholders may submit an application for a personal loan with the lender.

What documentation is required for American Express personal loans?

American Express could advise to

  • Candidates must maintain an open, legitimate personal checking account.
  • Proof of income, such as a W-2 or pay stub, is required.
  • a photo ID from the government.
  • either a passport or a license.
  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the United States or one of its territories.

The application procedure can be speed up by having these documents on hand.

American Express personal loan

what credit score do I need for an American Express personal loan | American Express personal loan credit score

American Express requires a minimum credit score of 660, though personal loans with credit scores as high as 850 may be available.

The exact minimum credit score needed to be approved for one of American Express’s personal loan products is not made public.

what Income Requirements do I need for an American Express personal loan

The minimum income requirements are not revealed by American Express. 


Existing American Express customers can look up their potential rates online.

how to apply for an American Express personal loan | American Express personal loan process

As long as you already have an American Express card and have been preapproved, applying for an American Express personal loan is simple.

Here Are the Steps to Take: 

  • Prequalify
  • Open your online account and log in.
  • Type in the loan amount and choose the term.
  • Choose a bank account to receive money from and an automatic payment option.
  • Give details of your income.
  • Review your information, then send the application.
  • Obtain or Transfer Funds.
  • Plan how you will pay back the loan.

It takes a few minutes to complete the American Express personal loan application in its the whole.

American Express personal loan Apply Online

It only takes a few minutes to apply for an American Express personal loan since the entire process is digital. Additionally, you’ll almost immediately receive a decision to help you save time as you look for the best personal loan to suit your needs.

American Express personal loan Calculator:

Give the estimated monthly payment a quick calculation.

American Express Personal Loan Calculator

American Express personal loan status

You can check the status of your application for an American Express loan online or by calling (888) 826-3471. Use whichever method is more convenient for you because they both only take a minute to complete. In both situations, you must provide the same basic personal data.

American Express personal loan rates | American Express personal loan interest rates

For personal loans from American Express, the APRs range from 6.91% to 19.97%. American Express does not provide an interest rate reduction for using Autopay, in contrast to the majority of other personal loan providers. When compared to some other lenders, the APR range for these personal loans is a little bit higher.

American Express personal loan prepayment Penalty and Fees:

Origination fees, application fees, and prepayment penalties are all cancelled by American Express. The American Express personal loan has just one fee: a $39 late payment penalty.

American Express personal loan Preapproval | How to Obtain Pre-approval for an American Express personal loan?

You can apply for preapproval directly through your online account if you have an eligible American Express card. You should get a decision as soon as you log in and respond to a few inquiries.

It’s essential to remember that getting preapproved doesn’t guarantee loan approval. If you are preapproved, you must submit a complete application to determine whether you will be given a loan offer.


  • No origination fees and no fees for early payoff.
  • allowed to fund loans in one week.
  • Available on mobile devices.
  • Process that is entirely online and can be finished in a few minutes.
  • Available to qualified borrowers are low APRs.


  • A $39 late fee.
  • The payment deadline cannot be modified.
  • No joint applications or cosigners allowed.
  • No discounts for autopay.
  • To apply, you must have prior approval.

American Express personal loan Review | American Express personal loan BBB Reviews:

The J.D. Power Consumer Lending Satisfaction Study placed American Express sixth in 2020; therefore, the rise in position from the survey conducted in 2021 is interesting.

In the J.D. Power U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Study conducted in 2020 and 2021, American Express received the highest customer satisfaction ratings.

There are very few reviews of American Express personal loans because they are less well known than their credit cards, but their BBB rating is A+.

American Express personal loan customer service | AMERICAN EXPRESS PERSONAL LOAN phone number | AMERICAN EXPRESS PERSONAL LOAN customer service

You can get in touch with the American Express support and help center by phone, online chat, or through the mobile app if you have any questions about the personal loan application process and you have an American Express card.

Both Android and iOS users can download the American Express mobile app. You can reach the personal loan customer service department directly by dialing 844-273-1384 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.


how to pay American Express personal loan? | repayments with American Express?

You have the option of paying your payment expenses via check or bank account transfer, and American Express also lets you set up automatic payments. A $39 fee will be assessed if your payment is made late or fails to clear.

You must wait at least 60 days after repaying your loan before applying for another one, and you will need a new preapproval offer.

American Express personal loan early payoff? 

You can pay off your personal loan early without paying a penalty.

Is It Possible to Refinance a personal loan With AMERICAN EXPRESS?

A personal loan cannot be refinanced using American Express. Additionally, you cannot alter the payment due date, which is established once your application for a personal loan has been approved.

can I be approved for an American Express personal loan with a low income?

Yes, it can be challenging to get approved for an American Express personal loan because you must already be a customer of the company and have a credit score of 660 or higher to be eligible. Additionally, you need to be able to afford the loan.

How long does AMERICAN EXPRESS PERSONAL LOAN take to Deposit money for personal loan? | How long does it take to get American Express personal loan?

Within one to two business days, you can expect getting your money. American Express is a great option for borrowers who require their funds as soon as possible because of how quickly its competitors’ application and funding processes are completed.

Why My American Express personal loan Denied?

Not all requests for personal loans are granted. Your loan application could be turned down by American Express for a number of reasons, such as the fact that you don’t have a card, you don’t have enough credit, you’re requesting a personal loan for more than $40,000, and more. To find out why your loan was denied, you should email or call American Express.

Is an American Express personal loan secured or unsecured?

Personal loans from American Express are unsecured loans.

American Express personal loan payment?

Your account will be credited during the application process. Make sure, though, that your data and the account information match.

Does an American Express personal loan affect your credit score?

Yes, both when you apply for the loan and while you are paying it off, an American Express personal loan has an impact on your credit score. An American Express personal loan will initially have a negative impact on your credit score, but if you repay the loan on time, the long-term effects could be very beneficial.

What is the maximum amount I can borrow from American Express?

The minimum loan amount required by American Express is $3,500, and the maximum loan amount is $40,000. The length of a loan is between 24 and 84 months. For debt consolidation, home improvement, and other permissible uses, Amex personal loans are available.

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